Las brujas sí venden

El comercial de la agencia M&C Saatchi Abel, Cape Town, South Africa, para MWEB: “Witchcraft”.

Acertada concepción estratégica y por lo demás, bien ejecutado.

isiXhosa speakers inhabit two worlds at the same time — the traditional and modern. Modern technology such as the Internet comfortably co-exists with the notion of witchcraft being real.

The ad uses this idea of witchcraft in a contemporary setting in a tongue-in-cheek manner, allowing the MWEB Internet offer to be presented using cultural capital that resonates with potential consumers.

To make isiXhosa-speaking consumers (the 2nd largest language group in South Africa) aware of their affordable Internet package, MWEB tapped into Xhosa folklore. Gwadana Forest is an area in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, that is prevalent in Xhosa folklore as being a gathering place for witches. They are rumoured to travel there in the dead of night on iiketshi (witch transportation devices). If these witches had access to MWEB Internet, what would they use it for?

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